The Seedy Revue (seedy_revue) wrote,
The Seedy Revue

mates of state - our constant concern

i downloaded "hoarding it for home" from because i'd heard a shimmer of buzz about the band, i couldn't stop playing the damn song. so, when i found "our constant concern" for $7, i had to pick it up. i have to say, i love the way that the voices of kori gardner and jason hammel collide into harmony. no, it isn't a sweet blend, it isn't charming synchronicity, it's a collision of emotion sometimes, though, it seems a bit over-the-top and self-gratifying. the toy piano-synth groundwork of the instrumentation is a pleasant indulgence into mature, mechanized whimsy, but combined with the intensity and clarity of the vocals, it helps completely muddle the lyrics. however, a quick scan of the handy dandy liner notes reveals ("I'm so duly impressed / Decisions for the whole / a reading and response / Parables that act out / Those books are thrown out / I doubt it") that I'm not really missing that much. now i understand why the words never stuck with me as much as the melodies or the repeated choruses, and i'm very much a "lyrics" person when it comes to music appreciation. so, if i'm so mixed, why do i keep playing the disc? because songs like "quit doin' it" are too freaking catchy for words. the whole CD is immensely dance/bounceable. it's impossible to turn down a good harmony. and so on. so, flawed as it is, it's effective. it's hooked me. and i'm kicking myself for missing them when they were in town two weeks back, because i know that this CD reflects but a shadow of the intensity they are capable of showcasing in a live setting.
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